How to Apply


Thank you for your interest in St. Rose!

The Kindergarten application process begins January each year. Applications for other grades are accepted at any time.

Click here for an  Application Packet

Updated Tuition Schedules can be obtained by calling our school office.

Feel free to visit our school office at 4300 Old Redwood Highway, Santa Rosa, to pick up an application packet or call 707-545-0379 and the forms can be mailed to you.

St. Rose has space for 360 students with 40 places in each class, kindergarten through 8th grade. Although our class size is large, special care is taken so that each child’s needs are met. There are teacher assistants in grades K through 6, and we have a one-to-twenty teacher-student ratio for math instruction.

If you have not already, please contact Kathy Ryan, school principal to schedule a school tour.

New and Transfer Students Admissions Process

Students who enter St. Rose at kindergarten level participate in a small group screening process designed to assess their readiness for school. Those entering at other grade levels are assessed in a variety of ways. Previous report cards and standardized test scores are taken into consideration, as well as individual assessments by teachers. Once it has been determined that there is space, the student may be invited to participate on all or part of a school day. The St. Rose community will do everything possible to help students feel comfortable in their new school. Teachers and staff work diligently to ensure each child’s success. However, new students enter on a probationary status, which takes into account the following:

  • Student’s ability to be successful academically, socially, and emotionally,
  • Good attendance and punctuality,
  • Parent participation and support,
  • Parents are current with financial obligations to the school, and
  • Parents have disclosed all information beneficial to their child’s success at St Rose.