Walk A Thon




The St. Rose Walk A Thon is one of the only two major fundraisers held each year. Not only is this event lucrative for our school, it is a healthy, fun event for our children. The event takes place in the first two months of school. The children collect pledges based on what they estimate they can walk in a 2 hour period around the Cardinal Newman track. The ambition these children have to conquer each lap whether in kindergarten or 8th grade is amazing. They give it their all. In turn, they are rewarded with a fantastic DJ that keeps them going, along with some special snacks based on the number of laps completed. So be prepared, almost everyone makes it to lap 15 for the red licorice!

The Walk A Thon is still relatively new for our school, so it continues to grow. Our hope is for more parents, grandparents, friends, etc. to see the benefits this provides our children both athletically and academically. The funds raised go right back to the classroom for items needed and of course tuition costs. Pledges are the key to the success of this event, so we hope to increase the awareness of the benefits this event provides.

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HELP IS NEEDED! Great way to get those service hours in at the beginning of the school year!

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