Ways to Help


Parents are expected to support and help in our major fundraisers each year.

Twenty-five hours of service are required per year per family. There is a  large variety of volunteer activities parents can do to fulfill this requirement.  Families report their service hours by completing the “Parents’ Service Hours Card” that is sent home once a year. All new families are asked to contribute at least 5 of their service hours to the Annual Event and to the Parish Festival.  The Parent Association sponsors two major fundraisers: The Annual Event  and the Walk-A-Thon. Every family is asked to support the important fundraisers.

The proceeds from these events keep everyone’s tuition lower.  St. Rose is blessed with many families who happily complete service over  and above the required 25 hours. Research has shown that students do better in school when their parents are involved. For this reason, we hope all families will  choose to complete their service hour requirement. Families who do not complete  their service hours will be placed in the more expensive A-2 or B-2 tuition plans for the following year.

We are in need of other services as well. Below is a list of someof our needs at St. Rose. Our weekly newsletters will contain a listing of current service hour needs and who to call if you are interested in helping. It will be school parents’ responsibility to make contact with the person(s) coordinating activities/events to offer their services.

Hospitality Night is held  each year at the Back to School Dinner. This is a great opportunity to meet other parents, obtain more information about service hour opportunities and sign up to help.

We can’t do it without YOU!

Ongoing Help
School Office : Call and ask if help is needed
Media Center : Library Aide
Supervision : Lunch Time (11:45-1:15)
Classroom Aide : Correct Papers, File Papers, Room Parent, PE Assistant
Lunch Programs : Hot Lunch Helper
Maintenance : Play Yard Prep, Carpentry, Plumbing, Painting, Basic Repairs
After School Sports : Coaching, Track Meet Workers, Concessions
After School Players: Costume Design, Publicity, Flyers, Ticket,  Sales, Provide Baked Goods, Backstage Helpers, Sets Design, Musical Accompaniment


School and Parish Events
Annual Event : Decorations Committee, Wine Donations Committee, Live Auction Committee, Set up, Clean Up (double hours)
Parish Festival : Booth WorkerYard Sale (Sat. &  Sun.)Silent AuctionDonationsClean Up (double hours)
Grandparent’s Day
School Pictures Day:  Help prepare the children for their school photos.
Catholic Schools Week :
Walk-A-Thon:  Contact the Walk-A-Thon committee to learn more.
Holy Thursday Activity :
Sunshine Committee:  Contact the committee chair to learn more.
Mission Day (Carnival):  Contact you head room parent for more information.
Family Fun Night : Clean Up (double hours)
Halloween Carnival : Contact your head room parent for more information about booth Preparation, set up and clean up.