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Saint Rose Catholic School, which opened in 1931, was the first Catholic elementary school in Santa Rosa. It served grades 1-8 and was staffed by the Ursuline Sisters. Although the faculty is now 100% lay teachers, the heritage and traditions of the Ursuline Sisters continue to influence the school. We continue to have ties to the Ursuline community through association with the sisters residing in the area. Recently we welcomed back several generations of our alumni as we celebrated the 75th Anniversary of St. Rose School.

Originally the school building was located in downtown Santa Rosa next to Saint Rose Church. Due to Santa Rosa’s stringent earthquake safety standards, the school was moved to its present site in the Mark West / Larkfield  area during 1985. A kindergarten was added in 1986, and new preschool was constructed and opened in 1992. In 1991 two portable classrooms were added to the campus to increase the facilities. Our portables house our science lab, classroom space, a counselor’s office, and extended care. Our main building houses nine classrooms, a computer lab/ library, and our administrative offices. In 2001 the multi-purpose building was completed. This has enhanced the liturgical opportunities of Saint Rose School as well as providing a place for drama, music, sports, tutorial, and community and family activities.

Currently, the enrollment is approximately 343 students. While 73% of our families are registered St. Rose parishioners, 18% come from other Catholic parishes, and approximately 9% are non-Catholic. Many of our most active members of St. Rose Parish are our school families.

We continue to seek a more ethnically diverse population. Approximately 78% of our students are white. Of the other 22%, 33 students are Hispanic, and 32 are multiracial; the remaining are Native American, Asian, and Black. 51% of our student population is girls, while 49% are boys.

One of our biggest assets is our community spirit. Parent participation is strong and includes a very active Parent’s Club, Dad’s Club, Advisory Council and a weekly Bible study group. Most of our families exceed the annual required 25 hours of service. St Rose parents model service to the community and we encourage our students to follow the example set by their parents.

The Pastor and Associate Pastor of St. Rose Parish are very supportive of the school. They are proud of the strong Catholicity of the school and the supportive and caring environment that is offered to the students and their families. They also list as strengths the commitment of the faculty and staff, the active parent involvement, the strong academic program, and the involvement of the principal and teachers in the parish.

Although class size is large, we maintain a ratio of 1 adult to 20 students in grades 1-5 during the language arts and math periods. There is also a 1:20 ratio or less for math throughout the grades.

At St. Rose School great care is taken to nurture and educate the student intellectually, spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically. A sincere effort is made to identify and meet special needs of our students. A resource specialist teacher runs a pull-out program for students who need special help. She also offers after school Homework Club. There is also on-site tutoring and speech services.

Discipline is a team effort between the home and the school. At St. Rose School the discipline policy is outlined in the parent handbook and is in accordance with the diocesan guidelines. The school administration and teachers work diligently and confidentially to address each discipline issue in an age appropriate manner. It is rare to have serious discipline problems.

Approximately 82% of our graduates matriculate to Cardinal Newman High School, which is located adjacent to our campus. Those who attend other high schools do so to take advantage of magnet programs (such as, the Art Quest Program and the International Baccalaureate Program) or for financial reasons. Articulation with the Catholic High Schools in our area indicates our students are well prepared for higher education.

Proficiency in basic skills is typical of St. Rose graduates. The Student Learning Expectations (SLE’s) are evidenced by the success our graduates have while continuing their education. In addition, the results of our standardized test scores fall within the higher ranges of the diocesan averages.